About Me

tony-picture-2016-05-24-051-jpgWhat do you do for fun? Having fun is VERY important to me as I have a high boredom factor.  I love all things out doors; hunting, fishing, alpine skiing, hiking, boating and a bunch of other things that hit the family budget. I don’t like yard work. Why mow when you can fish? I do love a good movie, be it action or a drama. Chic flicks…ugh.

What about your family?  I have been married over three decades (1979) to a woman who has been my greatest cheerleader, confidant and crush. She is an amazing success in her own right, raising our two children (of course I helped but she made sure they had manners)—Craig and Carli–serving as the First Lady of all the churches I’ve served and achieving personal success as a Mary Kay sales Director. We also have a Yorkie who’s aptly named Rascal.

How smart are you? I don’t know how smart I am, as I’ve avoided the IQ test my whole life. But I’ve slugged my way through a bunch of programs, earning a B.A. from Nebraska Christian College (1981), an M.A. in Practical Ministry from Cincinnati Christian College and Seminary (1990) and a Doctor of Ministry in Leadership and Spiritual formation from George Fox Seminary (2013). As my wife says, you’re done with school. Amen. But I am a life time learner, so I keep reading, thinking, talking with others and writing.

Why should I listen? Whether you listen or not is totally up to you, but I’m a seasoned veteran of life. I am an ordained minister in the Independent Christian Church, often referred to as the American Restoration Movement. I’ve experienced the ups and downs of over 30 years of pastoral ministry. I’ve planted a church and served established congregations. In September of 2015, I transitioned from a successful 22 year ministry with First Christian Church (ca. 1909) in Sandpoint, ID. A congregation numbering close to 1,000 members and attenders. I have been involved in planting churches personally and through other agencies. Throughout the years I’ve been invited to serve on multiple boards for various Christian organizations and institutions that train leaders for vocational ministry, plant churches and perform acts of mercy all over the world.

What are you passionate about? I really have a passion to help people–especially leaders–navigate through life’s disruptions without losing their faith. Having gone through some pretty tough seasons of life myself, where I stood on the brink of atheism, I understand what it’s like to look over the edge and see darkness. I am grateful to God who redeemed my disruptions and continues to do so by His grace and presence. This passion is lived out in the bright lights of a public arena as well as in the small coffee shops of North Idaho with my friends and family.