My Book – Crazy Life

Crazy Life

book_small_2I am excited to report that my first book–Crazy Life: Navigating Through Life’s Disruptions with out Losing Your Faith, is being published by Morgan James Publishing. It due to be released May 30th, 2017 in a bookstore near you! But the really good news is that you can get it sooner by ordering here from my website. In addition, I’ll personally autograph each and every copy that is ordered here. What’s the book about? Check out these recommendations from early readers:

“This impactful book is part Paul Harvey’s The Rest of the Story, part Ravi Zacharias’ Let My People Think delivered in a captivating Max Lucado’s pictorial writing style. Crazy Life is an out-of-the-box work that taps the intellect emphasizing God’s very deliberate hand in the crazy part of our lives; all twists, turns, triumphs and tragedies show Him in the center of our lives, like the eye of a hurricane, making us stronger, bolder, and more dependent on Him with the biblical heroes to prove it! Dr. Nelson’s descriptive analogies combined with his raw, personal life references draw readers into a deeper contemplation of the inferences that may exist between scriptural verses. Tony weaves together a wonderful word picture of hope for the hurting and a sharper glimpse of a God who is always working behind the scenes. Thanks Tony for helping believers to question and think!” –Heather Mehra-Pedersen, Co-founder BookCrossing, Inc. and Director Asia International Children’s Network.

“Dr. Tony Nelson is an enigma. Refreshingly honest, he’s a scholar from the working class; no less a stranger to agony than he is to beauty and riches. Tony is a manly man who loves outdoor adventure and hard work; yet, he is an artist and a healer who believes in the power of women. He knows how to celebrate and adore his family. For thirty years, Tony has led by tending to the displaced and brokenhearted while carrying his own deep and abiding grief. I read every word Toy writes, and I am changed.” –Dr. Donna Wallace, New York Times bestselling author

“This book… sure looks promising as a valuable life navigation tool. I simply place my order now. Get me the rest of the book…the day it is released… This book, in my opinion, will prove to be one of those solid books. It will be located right on my desk, for that ‘day’ of disruption, for myself or my friends.” —Ross Hall, International Marketing Director